Amexica (2020)

A film by Marie Baronnet 

Written and Directed by Marie Baronnet

Original score by Marc Ribot

Produced by Raoul Peck and Rémi Grellety

Length: 95 min

Languages: English, Spanish

Produced by Academy Award nominee Raoul Peck (I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO), this documentary film offers a plain portrayal of the “Amexican” border, spanning 10 years. Throughout a multitude of intertwined stories, director Marie Baronnet paints a colorful fresco that combines the political and the poetic.

In 2009, Baronnet started to regularly photograph and film along the Mexican-American border, walking the line on both sides, from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. Her approach was to explore all the facets of that border without any preconceived ideas. For the next 10 years, Baronnet would meet with migrants and activists, forensic doctors, ‘coyotes', sheriffs and border patrol officers, minutemen, and others who make up the rich tapestry of life at the border.

On top of those diverse portraits, the ten-year period allowed Baronnet to follow the daily lives of two families. The first, she followed from their arrival to Tijuana to their attempts and then successful crossing of the border to their subsequent request for asylum and move to Houston. The second, she bore witness as an undocumented worker and mother of two carried on living in Tucson while her husband is deported back to Mexico.

Escaping any kind of sensationalism, Amexica reveals a much more complex reality beyond the usual media frames about our Southern border and the immigration struggle.

Marie Baronnet, remaining in a constant state of transition between two worlds – between loss and hope – creates a multi-layered, raw documentary that helps us comprehend what is at stake today for our country with this “Amexican” land.

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