I studied photography and multimedia first at the "Université de Paris 8" and then at the "Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris".

Early on I worked photography as an art medium, exhibiting in art galleries, at the "Musée d’Art Moderne" in Paris, in the Beaubourg collections. I went back and forth between France and America. I eventually worked as an assistant for John Coplans in New York.

A grant from les "Beaux-Arts de Paris" allowed me to study at CalArts (California Institute of Arts), photography and critical studies.

My personal territory is art and documentary photography. I also always mix medias such as video and sounds, portraits and voices.

To sustain myself and my projects I have been working on movie as set photographer. I have also been commissioned by European and American magazines such as: "L'Equipe", "Le Monde", “L’Obs” "Liberation", "Geo", "Newsweek", "Slate", "City Life", "Arizona Highway", etc ...

Lately I have developed a series of investigative photo projects in America. Working on the Mexican-American border and in Ciudad Juarez as well as downtown Las Vegas or the Navajo lands. I have also published in France a book in 2014 about Legends, the flamboyant glories of American Burlesque. I searched all America for the finest and most famous strippers of that era, portraying memories and destinies. Mixing genders but always feminine, these wild and independent women were America’s freedom fighters of feminism. It has both French and English editions.




1998 Diploma from Les Beaux-Arts, Paris, France

1997 Granted from les Beaux-Arts as a visiting student in CalArts

1990/92 Université Paris 8

Solo shows

2016 Outcasts Incorporated Gallery, Paris, France

2015 LO/A Gallery, Library of arts, Paris, France

2015 Photo Festival, Images Singulières, Sètes, France

2002 Anne Barrault Gallery, Photos, Paris, France

1995 Pascale Lesnes Gallery, Paris, France

1994 D&D Gallery New York, USA

1993 Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Group Shows

2017 The way back, Galerie le Bleu du Ciel, Lyon France

2011/2014 "Fetish Mordenity" touring exhibition in Europe, Musée de Tervuren, Belgium

2005 Chez soi, Château de Kerjean, Saint-Vougay, France

2005 Paysages interstitiels, Le Bleu du ciel Gallery, Lyon, France

2002 "Paysages", Musée de St Quentin, France

2002 Invitation à deux galeries, Le Réverbère Gallery, Lyon, France

2001 "Servez-vous", Arthotèque de Caen, France

2001 "Femmes etc ..." Angers, France

2000 Paris Photo, Eric Franck Fine Art, France

2000 Artissima Turin, Italy

1999 Beaux-Arts Museum, Paris, France

1998 Printed Matter Library, New York, USA

1998 Video Festival, Hors circuit, Berlin, Germany

1997 Instants Donnés, Museum of modern Art, Paris, France

1996 Dixième rencontre vidéo & arts plastique, Hérouville, France

1996 Video projections, La flèche d'or, Paris, France

1996 Cinéma Festival, "les acteurs à l'écran", Paris, France

1996 Video projection, "Ouvert la nuit", Avignon, France

1995/1998 "Laughter ten years after", touring exhibition, Connecticut, USA

1993 Gallery Gerad Piltzer, Musique avec les yeux, Paris, France


1995 Catalog exhibition "Laughter ten years after" written and curated by Jo-Anna Isaak

1996 Feminism and contemporary Art : revolutionary power of women's laughter by Jo-Anna Isaak

1997 Instant Donné, catalog exhibition, Museum of Modern Art, Paris, France


1995 Liporello, Artist book, Vlatout edition, Belgium

2014 Legends, the living art of riqué, André Frère édition, France

2017 The Newpathfinders, poster/folder, self-published, France